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Why We Like to Sell Rebuilt Titles?

In this economy it is hard to find financing for buyers with substandard credit. With vehicles that have rebuilt titles we can often find lower mileage vehicles that are reliable, safe and more affordable. This philosophy helps our clientele potentially save thousands of dollars between higher cost similar vehicles and the interest paid on substandard loans. This savings strategy keeps car payments affordable and allows are clientele to drive better cars with lower miles for their hard earned dollar.
When it comes to pricing, we try to keep our prices at 80% or less of current NADA blue book retail prices. Often because these vehicles have been obtained by insurance companies via accidents, theft recoveries and hail damage and then resold at auctions across the nation, they arrive without engine and transmission issues. Most car dealers purchase their inventory at auto auctions were a high percentage of vehicles are being sold by other dealers who have a car with a mechanical issue and want to unload it and or finance companies who are liquidating repossessions that might not have been properly maintained. Although their can be issues with wrecked vehicles over the years we have learned which cars to buy and which cars to stay away from making these vehicles much less risky to purchase. We believe so much in them that we offer 30 to 90 day (1,000 to 3,000 mile) power train warranties on all of our rebuilt title inventory.
The Utah State and Nevada State Tax Commission Rebuilt Valuation Standard
The Utah State and Nevada Tax Commission have both set the valuation of rebuilt restored vehicles at 80% of full retail value. The courts have accepted this value.

The major salvage auctions, Copart and IAA, sales figures show that undamaged, running and driving insurance vehicles with salvage title are sold for an average of almost 60% of full retail at their wholesale auctions. These cars carry no guarantee and may require minor body repair and such repairs as glass, brakes, tires and inspections to be able to be registered. {Our average cost is about $1,000 to convert undamaged salvage title cars to rebuilt/restored condition.} To compare values, clean title cars are routinely sold at dealer wholesale auctions at approximately 70% of full retail value, but again there is often no guarantee of mechanical condition.

Most banks and credit unions will only loan 50-60% on rebuilt/restored vehicles, while loan values on clean titled cars ars generally 70%-100%. These figures depend on your credit rating. Therefore, from the above references we have determined that the value of a rebuilt restored vehicle is 80% of full retail value.
Trading in your Rebuilt Titled Vehicle
With us it simple. If you purchased the vehicle through us and are ready to trade it in, we will give you 80% of one of the NADA trade in values towards your next purchase.

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